Screening for research participants

dscout software development screener research React app

To run any research study on dscout, there has to be the participants. With Recruit, customers have the tools to screen, narrow, and choose well suited research participants. We’ll be diving into the screening process after a dscout screener is designed and launched. Choosing your scouts In “Applications”, researchers...

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Analyzing open-ended questions

dscout software development open-ends research analysis word cloud React app

The diary team recently launched a new analysis tab with improvements and features that help researchers understand the answer to open-ended questions. Brief Researchers need to gather meaningful data from the answers of open-ended questions. Close-ended questions are easily quantifiable and displayed as graphs in the summary tab. With...

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Onboarding researchers

dscout software development onboarding React app

The dscout researcher platform did not have onboarding for new users. New researchers logged in for the first time, and arrived at an empty blank project. Brief We worked on an onboarding experience for new researchers on the dscout web platform. The project’s goal was for the home to...

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Making a home, and re-designing the project page

dscout software development home React app

We designed and launched a home for the dscout web app. The app lacked a clear home, researchers upon logging in would arrive at the last active project. First time researchers would arrive at an empty first project, which was a confusing experience. I was lead designer and Scrum Master...

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Adding collaborators to a project

dscout software development collaboration React app

Adding collaborators didn’t used to be a clear experience. There was lots of fine print on the modal, and it was hard to tell when people were succesfully added to a project. Objective Re-design the experience of adding collaborators to a project. Key result The...

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