Hello, my name is Jules Simplicio.

I develop user interface design systems that support designers and developers building digital products together.


Current work

I'm a design technologist at Mozilla, working on design systems for the privacy-focused, free and open-source browser, Firefox.

I established and maintain user interface design libraries and documentation, and design systems support and communication workflows.

I'm actively working on a front-end engineering component library and design tokens.


Past work

I designed social media publishing features at Sprout Social.

I contributed to Sprout's design system Seeds by designing, developing, and documenting user interface components and patterns.

I also developed a Figma plugin that organized and prepared team files for presentation.


Past work

I designed qualitative user research products at Dscout.

I contributed to Dscout's early years by designing, developing, and documenting user interface components, patterns, and libraries.


Early work

I kicked off my career with short-term and contract roles in web development, web design, front-end development, and product design, and as a contributor towards open-source projects through the Open Source Design community.