The dscout web onboarding experience

dscout software development onboarding React app

One of the things dscout always lacked was a clear way to onboard new users. A new user would login and arrive at an empty blank project. In this project we worked towards making a home for the dscout web experience that was focused on onboarding users. We most importantly...

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Making a home, and re-designing the project page

dscout software development home React app

We designed and launched a home for the dscout web app. The app lacked a clear home, researchers upon logging in would arrive at the last active project. First time researchers would arrive at an empty first project, which was a confusing experience. I was lead designer and Scrum Master...

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Adding collaborators to a project

dscout software development collaboration React app

With the new designs of the project page and the dscout home, I tackled the feature of adding collaborators to a project. In the old version, adding collaborators wasn’t a clear experience. There was lots of fine print on the modal, and ultimately, it was hard to tell when...

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The Android scout user experience

dscout Android mobile Material Design

The dscout Diary researcher experience was redesigned with the introduction of Mission parts. Now Missions are capable of being divided up into parts, so researchers don’t have to create multiple Missions and analyze data across these separate missions. I updated the Scout experience design for the Android application, working...

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Managing research study participants

dscout software development React app

With the Diary 2.0 experience, researchers can manage scouts through all mission parts in app inside “Manage”. Objective Allow researchers to keep track of and manage the progress of scouts in a mission. Keeping track of research participants We released the new Diary which introduced mission...

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