Hey, I'm Jules. I design and code.

I am designing a macOS and iOS tool for people who want quick access to their design system's design tokens, and building it with SwiftUI.

At work, I design and develop tools for social media managers.

I ship products with a focus on helping software teams adhere to existing UX patterns. I lead the creation and promotion of new patterns too, when necessary. I also introduce and promote consistency in our product by being a core member of our UI Kit working group.

I am a design systems advocate. I promote working with design systems and org-wide systems adoption. I truly believe design systems bring product teams together to architect and maintain purposeful and orderly products.

I often think about the role of systems in an org, how they serve users, evolve, and how they are constantly affected by outside forces.


I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. I currently live with my partner and our two cats in Chicago.

I like spinning records, playing the guitar, skateboarding, and building mechanical keyboards.

My pronouns are they/them/theirs.


I participate in dialogues about community and design.

Friends in tech say...

In every instance, they provided thoughtful, specific feedback and truly cared about making it a growth experience for the students they worked with... Their dedication to helping the design community grow and flourish in Chicago is a prime example for our students, our other mentors and critics, and designers across the city.
Mike Joosse,
Senior Program Manager at Adobe
Jules was an empathetic mentor who got to know me as a person so that they could guide me towards opportunities that fit with my personal and professional objectives. Jules' thoughtful advice and wealth of industry knowledge was invaluable to me as a young designer!
Josh Berman,
UX Strategist at Intouch Solutions
Jules is a passionate designer and a total blast to work with. They are a product focused thinker and a true advocate for user experience best practices.
Justin Conway,
Engineer Manager at Sprout Social