With the Diary 2.0 experience, researchers can manage scouts through all of the mission parts in Manage.


  • Allow researchers to keep track of and manage the progress of scouts in a mission

Keeping track of research participants

We released the new Diary which introduced mission parts. Researchers now can divide their mission into multiple parts. Instead of having to manage research data across multiple missions, they can see all their data divided up into logical parts in one place.

Manage is essentially a powerful table of scouts from a mission. It includes information about a scout’s progress through the mission and all of its parts, it highlights scout ratings, and allows the researcher to mark scouts as completed (mission accomplished).

Manage - The progress of scouts in a mission

Researchers can filter their Manage view by a variety of attributes. On the following image you can see the view of the options for filtering by mission progress: invited to mission, accepted, rejected, and completed the mission.

Manage - Filtering by mission progress

Researchers can also filter by part progress. Unstarted, in progress, and minimum number of entries completed.

Manage - Filtering by part progress
Manage - The option to filter by rating and group
Manage - Opening parts feature
Manage - Opening parts feature with indeterminate checkbox
Manage - Adding scouts to groups to facilitate analysis (a new feature customers have always wanted)
Manage - Messaging multiple scouts at once (a new feature customers have always wanted)
Manage - Messaging all scouts at once! (also a new powerful feature)
Manage - Keeping tabs and motivating scouts through direct messages
Manage - Scout profile, add to groups, and message
Manage - Export options