We recently launched a home for the dscout researcher web app. The app had always lacked a home. Researchers would log in and arrive at their last seen project, and first time researchers would arrive at an empty first project, which was a confusing onboarding experience.

I was lead designer and Scrum Master on providing a home and an improved project page experience for researchers.


  • Provide a home for the dscout web app.
  • Redesign the project page with upgrated it the v4 API and new design system.

Key Results

  • Provide a better onboarding experience for researchers.
  • Provide a useful project page.

The new home

Now dscout has a home page dedicated to housing researcher projects. Under “All projects” researchers see a combination of “My Projects” and “Shared with Me”, so they have access to projects created by them or shared with them.

On the left sidebar, there is a dedicated call to action to create a new project.

The right sidebar has account and help items: a link to account settings, the researcher’s dscout contact (their dscout research advisor), the researcher’s account owner, and help docs and help chat links.

Home Page
Search for projects, missions, and screeners
Complete a project
Complete a project
Delete an empty project
Delete a project modal
Switching dscout accounts
A dscout project
Create a new Screener or copy from previous
Create a new Diary Mission, copy from previous, or create from a template
Move a Mission or Screener
Move a Mission or Screener
Move a Mission or Screener
Delete a draft Mission or Screener
Delete a draft Mission or Screener modal