At dscout, we offer three kinds of project plans for researchers:

  • DIY Projects: Users pay as they go a fee of $295 for launching a mission. DIY projects require users to keep a credit card on file that is automatically charged upon launching a mission. DIY is our most basic plan. It gives users access to our platform, but it doesn’t give them access to our pool of participants, nor the guidance of a user success advisor throughout their research project
  • Assisted Projects: Assisted Projects are billed by credit card or invoices. They are also a per project basis model. However, they also offer researchers access to dscout’s platform, plus pool of participants, and assistance from a dscout user success advisor
  • Enterprise Licenses: This is a subscription model that gives researchers access to unlimited projects to run solo or with our support. Users get access to our platform plus extra powerful features such as text analysis.

DIY Projects

The paywall project was directed towards our DIY accounts. They sign up for free, and pay as they go—upon launching their mission they must pay a flat fee of $295. If they don’t have a valid card on the account, the paywall moment happens when they go launch their mission by hitting the “Pay and Launch” button.


  • Focus on the user’s experience of payment (sensitive information) for a mission mid launch

Paying for a DIY project

I researched payment forms, and noted patterns in its UI elements, and user experience that are helpful to users while they fill out payment information. Our card inputs give users visual feedback with which kind of card they are entering by recognizing the bank based on what the user types. Our inputs also provide visuals to where your CVV is located based on which card you own.

DIY users can put a card on file which is charged when their mission is being launched. However if they don’t have a card on file, they are prompted to update their payment information and enter a card.

I made sure the flow of payment worked seamlessly inside the flow of launching. For our DIY users, that sometimes must pay before launching their mission, the launch button says “Launch and Pay.” They’re then prompted to pay for the fee of the mission with a concise payment form.

Credit card icons created from royalty free logos