You can’t run research projects in dscout without participants. With the tool Recruit, researchers can screen for, and find the best research participants.

We’ll be focusing on the screening process after a Screener is programmed and launched.

Choosing your scouts

Screener answers, or applications, help researchers find participants. Screeners go out to hundreds of people, some are an inadequate fit and are knocked out, and hundreds of applications make in. All participants are screened by answering the same set of questions written to determine whether they are fit for the research study to follow. When answers are submitted, they show up as an application for the researcher.

Every application comes in as unrated. They are ready to be rated as they see fit by the researcher. Ratings are based on whether a participant is a good fit for the research project based on their experiences, and not solely on their qualifications as a participant.

Potential fit for research ratings are as follow: amazing, good, weak, poor, or unrated.

The screener applications view with a question filter applied

After launching their research study, researchers can access the Applications page and filter the applications based on participants that were promoted to their study (missions).

Scouts part of the first mission, as seen on on the filter "Filter by Mission"
File exports from screener application data
Bulk actions - Rating applications
Bulk actions - Adding scouts to groups
Bulk actions - Adding scouts to a mission
Bulk actions - Adding scouts to a mission
Bulk actions - Summary of metrics gathered from scout applications