I designed a proposal for an upcoming earnings dashboard, where shop owners can see a summary of their sales activity.


  • Display a summary of data about a shop owner’s sales

Shop earnings

I researched different analytics dashboards from different product companies that conduct online sales. I put my research results against similar data that we can access for our Artist Shops transactions and users. I designed an organized dashboard with important and helpful data that we can share to shop owners about their orders and earnings. It also lets them compare data through different dates. Some of the data the dashboard includes are:

  • The status of their earnings: pending, cleared, and paid
  • The status (processing, shipped, delivered, and canceled) of their orders and how many orders have been delivered
  • Total amount of orders to date, or total orders this day, this week, and this month
  • A graph including their total earnings by week, month, and year
  • Top designs that sell the most, and how much money they have accrued so far
  • Top products that sell the most
  • A few of the latest orders and their details, plus a link to access a full table of all orders

This project was particularly interesting to do because I started with mobile research and mobile sketch plans first. I expanded my mobile sketches into desktop sized dashboards, to make sure it can respond both to mobile and desktop. Below are the mobile sketches, followed by a high fidelity wireframe option for the earnings dashboard.

Artist Shops - Dashboard earnings sketch
Artist Shops - Dashboard