Before launching a research project, researchers now can make sure they have crafted a good mission by using the “Test” feature inside the Mission Builder.

Why test?

Before we used to let researchers invite five participants for free to their mission. This would usually help kickstart their project. Now we have facilitated the way they can write their research and iterate on it by letting them conduct tests. A mission test will run just like an open mission. Researchers can invite up to 5 testers to take a test drive.


  • Allow researchers to test their research questions
  • Allow researchers to test for free
  • Tests run just like the mission would run if it was open
  • Allow researchers to receive real data as test answers

Mission testing

While building their research design, researchers can at any point test a valid questionnaire (your mission design must be free of errors). Researchers will see a call to action for testing their mission right next to the action to launch their mission.

When researchers click on test they’re presented with a modal that instruct them how testing works. Test have up to 5 testers, and run up to 5 days. Researchers may end a test whenever they want within these 5 days. During test, the research design is locked, and they may not modify it. However, after their test end, researchers may iterate on their research design.

Mission setup - notice the test button on the status bar
Starting a test

When they start their test they proceed to the next step where they can enter up to 5 testers. The testers will receive this mission on their dscout app normally as if it is a real launched mission, so they will be able to answer questions, submit entries, and complete it. During this step, researchers will also be able to write the invitation message for the test mission that these users will receive in the email.

Entering testers
Entering testers

Once a test has started researchers will see that your Mission Builder looks different because it is in Test mode. During this mode, once again, they cannot change the research design.

Test mode

If at any point the researcher wants to add more testers to their missions, they can click on the tester link on the status bar. A modal will open where they will be able to see currently added testers, and will also have inputs to add more testers. The new testers will receive an invitation email as well.

Add testers to a running test

To end a test, a researcher uses the “End Test” button on the test status bar.

Ending a test